About Us

Essays-Sites-Rating.com is an independent consumer advocate organization that reviews online custom writing companies. Our purpose is to cut through the fog and find out whether these companies are legitimate and trustworthy. Every company has strengths and weaknesses and our job is to point them out so that you can make the best decision for yourself. We are not affiliated with these services, and in order to provide the most objective reviews and ensure that there is no conflict of interest, we never accept compensation of any kind from these companies. 

We are looking out for the best interests of the customers that buy papers from such academic writing websites. This means we will never hide our reviews under a paid firewall. Our writing service reviews will always be free and accessible to anybody who is interested in finding out more about essay writing companies.

As we evaluate a custom writing service, we focus on four main factors:

  • The range of services the company offers
  • The pricing policy and any discount options
  • The professionalism of the customer support team
  • Quality of our orders

Above all, the quality of the paper is what matters. We order a paper from every company since this is the best way to compare the quality. We look to see that the paper follows our instructions, uses proper grammar, does not contain spelling mistakes and is not plagiarized.