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EWritingService.com appears to be another recently-launched company in an already crowded field of custom writing services. At first glance, we were impressed with the design of the website. The only downside was that it was not as easy to navigate as we had hoped. The company states that it offers made-from-scratch papers written by native-English speakers. Let us see how they did.


One of the first things that frustrated us is that the website lacks dedicated service pages. In order to figure out what specific services they offer, you have to click the “Order” button and provide them with contact details before they take you to the order form. That would be like walking into a store and being forced to give them your name and phone number before you are allowed to browse the aisles. We did not care for that much. In any event, once you place an order you are asked to bid on a writer’s services. We are not fans of this method since there is no way to tell if the bidder is actually qualified to work on your particular order.

Pricing and Discounts

While EWritingService.com advertises low prices, what we uncovered tells an entirely different story. While the $17.56 for a high school level paper is fairly average, they really take customers to the cleaners with their proofreading ($9.96/page) and editing ($11.70/page). In other words, these extra services are actually more expensive than the paper itself! If you were to order a 20-page high school paper with editing and proofreading, you would need to fork over more than $700! In addition, if their writers are all native-English speakers, would not you expect that they can handle a paper without you having to worry about grammar mistakes? Speaking objectively, this service is a complete rip-off.

The company allows you to pay using a major credit card or PayPal and the website states the payments are secure. This is all industry standard stuff.

Given the high prices, we expected to find discount options, but sadly, the website makes no mention of this. If EWritingService.com wants to succeed in this business, they really need to find ways to appeal to customers. Taking them to the cleaners is not a good strategy.


Additional Features

EWritingService.com offers the typical free features such as revisions, a plagiarism report, title page, formatting and reference page. As noted, you can also pay for editing and proofreading service by the page.



The website has a testimonials page, but we would urge any reader to be skeptical of any company that includes one since it is so easy to fake them. A sure sign of this is that the supposed customer’s comments often contain poor grammar even though they claim to be Americans. As for the writers, there is also reason to believe that they are not native-English speakers based on third-party review sites and our paper as well. We ordered a high school level 4 pager (we decided to skip out on the editing/proofreading services) on the topic of promoting tourism in Des Moines, Iowa. A lot of the information was lifted directly from websites (a big no-no) and the paper lacked creativity and inspiration.

Customer Support

We were pleased to find that the website contains a lot of support channels. For instance, there is an email address dedicated to each department, which really makes for an efficient process. There is a toll-free US-based number, which is fairly standard. Live Chat works fine. The customer support agents were professional and friendly. On the other hand, if you are not living in the US, there is not an international number with which to contact them. This could really cause issues if you have an urgent problem that requires a phone call. They also do not seem to have much of a social media presence nor do they provide a Skype contact.

EWritingService.com Support


Unfortunately, we cannot recommend the services of EWritingService.com. The paper we received was a real letdown, especially when you consider the cost. And once again, the fact that you can’t call them outside the US could be a serious problem. Take your business elsewhere.

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Abused 15 Nov 2018 at 05:57

At first, the support managers were ready to talk to me at any time while I was finishing my ordering process, but as soon as I paid the money, they disappeared because none of my calls were turned back and I never received neither reply nor my work.

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Jacky 09 Dec 2018 at 01:08

They did the assignment incorrectly 2 times, I had to do it myself. They promised me a new assignment. When I went to have the new assignment done they said they won't do it... They are liars and a cheat. I have all the conversations saved to prove it.

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Unknown 04 Dec 2018 at 07:52

Wow, what a waste… First of all, I didn’t expect the writer would have problems with his English. How can one hope to get good writing then? The list of references wasn’t even close to my essay, and my efforts to request the free revision were in vain.

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