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There are many legitimate reasons to order custom essay writing help. For some students, it is the inability to handle all of their writing assignments at once. For others, it is about the desire to have more free time for friends and family. However, students face a dilemma: can they trust their important essays and homework assignments to a company that they know nothing about? This is where we come in. We provide trustworthy reviews of writing services so that you can make the right choice. For this review, we examine Are they up to the task or are they likely to let their customers down? Let us find out.


When we took a look at the services page, we were somewhat surprised to discover how limited they are in terms of what they provide. We counted 20 in all, with most of them related to different types of essays. When you consider that most of the top rated writing services provide 50 different varieties of academic help, what provides seems downright measly in comparison. 

Pricing and Discounts

Your jaw will absolutely drop once you find out how expensive’s services are. They charge $46 for a single page! By comparison, we are often able to buy a full 4-page paper for the same price at other websites. Note that their heavy price tag does not even factor in such thing as plagiarism report, which they charge even though most companies offer this for free. Prices

They offer PayPal and credit card payment options, which is a nice thing. On the other hand, they also accept bank and wire transfers. We strongly recommend against ever buying services using those methods! This provides zero security, and if you need to request a refund you are out of luck.

In regards to discounts, they offer 20% off all first orders with a discount code, which is pretty measly in our books. They also do not offer any type of discount loyalty program, which is another standard perk that customers have come to expect. 


This is the section of the review that everybody pays most attention to: does the custom writing company deliver on their promises? First, their testimonials page can be thrown out the window because they were clearly written by the company staff. There is no rating system nor are there any dates associated with the feedback. We looked through third-party website reviews and found them to be universally negative. Some customers argued that they were ripped off whereas others complained that the papers are written by amateurs who cannot string two proper sentences together.

We purchased a custom speech and given how much we paid for it, we really expected it to be brilliant. However, it was a complete bore. There was absolutely nothing about it that would keep an audience engaged. The paper completely lacked structure as well. Even though we picked a relatively easy topic, our writer was clearly baffled. They did not even reach the word requirements! Given all of the issues, that alone is simply unacceptable. 

Customer Support

One of the best ways to evaluate a company’s competencies is by interacting with their customer support team. We contacted them through email, phone and live chat and experienced significant delays even during non-peak hours. They could not possible be that busy all of the time! When we asked about discounts, they were blunt and rude in their reply. However, the issue that should concern potential customers the most is their unwillingness to adhere to their refund policy. We contacted them to argue that we were entitled to the refund based on the poor quality of the paper. In fact, it did not even follow our directions, which should automatically trigger a refund. No matter how reasonable we presented our position, they would not budge. Given that we spent $132.00, it was the least they could have done. Support


It would be an understatement to say we were disappointed with the way operates. They charge more than 4 times what the typical service costs, our speech was a truly lazy effort by an unqualified writer, and we had to really fight the customer support department in order to get our money back. We would not recommend this company to anybody.

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Stefany R. 13 Nov 2018 at 11:23

It was an awful experience! Avoid using this service. The writers are so unprofessional. They don't care about client's needs and requirements. And the support team is useless and always protects the writers. What a shame!

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Lilly Star 19 Nov 2018 at 09:41

I couldn’t believe that this service will rip off so shamelessly. They didn’t put a minimum effort into putting it in other words. I’m not even telling about making a kind of research or something. It’s just a team of dishonest liars.

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Rudolph 01 Dec 2018 at 01:33

I’ve made several orders here during the last few months. Some of them were better than I expected, and some were not that great, but I know that every time another person was working on my writing, that is why, I guess, the quality was different.

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Melanie G. 22 Dec 2018 at 09:21

The worst service I ever used. What a frustration was to get a work I could put only into the garbage. It was full of grammar mistakes and the writer didn't get the point what I wanted him to do. Such a waste of time and money!

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