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Overview appears to be a relatively new academic writing service to hit the industry. However, we were able to find enough information out there to gauge the quality of their services. We also had access to samples, looked at their pricing and discount policies, and of course ordered a couple of custom papers in order to find out for myself if they really deliver what they claim. Here were the results.


The first thing we do when we evaluate an academic writing company is to find out what services they offer. We feel that the most organized companies are the ones that actually list all of their different services on separate pages so that potential customers can gain better insight. To our disappointment, does not list its services nor does it offer separate links that provide more details about what they offer. Instead, you have to look through the drop box options on the order form to find out. This can be a tedious process. In any event, we discovered that they offer standard fare such as essay writing, dissertations, book reviews, research papers, blog writing and the like.

Pricing and Discounts

We liked that the prices are clearly listed on their prices page. If you want an undergraduate-level paper with a two-week deadline, it costs $14. If you want something in the graduate-level range with a tighter deadline, the costs increase considerably, but that is to be expected. For instance, at the highest level paper costs $72. Most companies offer a 3-hour deadline option, but not The shortest deadline time is 4 hours, which is a real negative if a customer has an extremely urgent paper.

We were unable to find any information about discounts. That is another big minus.

Additional Features

The website does not make any mention about free features aside from a plagiarism checker, so we are left to assume that title pages, reference lists, etc., are included in the price of the order. The company also does not offer VIP services. You can request a writer sample, but it will cost you $5. Not much, but considering a lot of their competitors provide this for free, does it really make sense to buy one? You can request progressive delivery services for 10% of the listed price, which might be helpful if you have a lengthy order and want to see how it is progressing. You can request a writer who is a specialist in the field related to the paper for an additional 25% or a native English-speaker for an additional 30%. Considering all the claims about companies only hiring native English-speakers to begin with, we question why this extra charge is necessary.


We had some serious issues with our paper. For instance, in spite of the free plagiarism check, we found that our paper contained 35% plagiarized content. Furthermore, our paper was not formatted properly. We requested revisions, but the writer did a sloppy job. What is the point of asking them to revise the paper if they cannot do the job? Had we been students, we would have found this unacceptable

Customer Support

Once we received our plagiarized research paper, we contacted the customer support team on a Sunday and requested revisions. Oops. Their offices close on Saturdays at 1:00pm GMT and do not open again until midnight on Monday. In other words, if we have something urgent that needs to be taken care of during the weekend, we are pretty much out of luck. We could not find any other company that was not available 24/7. When we did manage to get in touch with a customer care agent on Monday, they were friendly and professional, and they approved our revision request right away. Support.png

Conclusion offers great prices and their customer support team is professional (when they are available, that is), but otherwise the company has very little else going for them. Receiving a paper that was so highly plagiarized is simply not acceptable. We would not recommend their services.

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Savannah Cat 28 Nov 2018 at 08:04

This is a website people should stay away from. They are definitely not native English speakers. They employ semi-literate people to do your work. Their customer service is extremely difficult to understand or work with. Save your money.

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Mister X 12 Nov 2018 at 10:24

This is a shame. BEWARE!!! They were late with my project and were still telling me to keep waiting. They didn't cancel the order on my demand. As a result, I've never got my order so the money I have paid.

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Tomas 22 Nov 2018 at 01:18

I also used this service. I received my work on time, but it was of average quality. I could have ordered a paper of better quality for less money if I spent more time searching on the web.

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