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When most students enter college, they expect to work hard on weeknights and play hard on weekends. But those endless writing assignments often mean going out with friends on a Saturday night is out...


When most students enter college, they expect to work hard on weeknights and play hard on weekends. But those endless writing assignments often mean going out with friends on a Saturday night is out of the question. So what are you supposed to do when your essays kill your social life? Ask for help from a reputable custom writing service. But the problem is that students do not always know which companies will actually deliver high quality papers. Our job is to help you make the decision by profiling some of the leading services.  

For this review, we are looking at Order-Essays.com. They have only been around since 2014, making them a relative newcomer in the academic writing industry. But that does not automatically mean their services are inferior when compared to their more experienced competitors. Let us see how they fared.


Considering how recently they launched, they sure offer a lot of services. Their custom academic writing services are their most common order requests, but they can also put together PowerPoint presentations, and write book reports, speech writing, case briefs, poetry, nursing reports, and a whole lot more. They also have experienced writers who can complete made-from-scratch dissertations. Aside from writing services, they also have departments that are dedicated to rewriting, proofreading and editing. They handle requests regardless of the customer’s academic level, which means college freshman and 5th year doctoral candidates have an equal chance of finding a qualified writer.


Pricing and Discounts

The prices at Order-Essays.com start at $11.99, which is around average for the industry. Nonetheless, when factoring in discounts, it ends up being a pretty good deal. There are five factors that determine the final price:

  • The academic level of the customer
  • The type of work the customer is requesting (i.e., standard essay versus dissertation)
  • The number of pages
  • The deadline

Any add-ons such as the VIP package, extended revision period, summary, a top 10 ranked writer, etc.

While US Dollars are the default currency, customers are free to pay in British Pounds, Euros, or Australian Dollars. Oddly enough, Canadian Dollars is not an option even though we know a lot students up north use custom academic services too. 

Students who want a discount have two options. If you are ordering a paper for the first time, Order-Essays.com will knock 15% off the price. They also have a loyalty discount program that works as follows:

  • Once a student orders a total of 15 pages, they receive a 5% discount
  • After 45 pages, the discount increases to 10%
  • As soon as the customer reaches 90 pages, the discount of 15% applies for the lifetime of the account.

These discounts are okay, but there are a lot of writing companies that offer better terms. 


Additional Features

Order-Essays.com provides several standard free features that are typical in the industry including:

  • Title Page
  • Appendices
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Reference page
  • Formatting
  • Bibliography

They also offer a few freebies that a lot of other companies charge for such as:

  • Plagiarism report
  • Outline
  • You can also request free revisions, but with two caveats: 
  • The customer’s request cannot contradict their original instructions
  • The request must be made within 48 hours of the expiration date of the order

We feel that 48 hours is often not enough time to make the request, especially if the professor returns the paper a week later with comments and suggestions. Several other companies provide students with a revision period of 7 to 14 days.


Now comes the most important part of the review: How does a custom paper written by Order-Essays.com look? In order to find out, we took it upon ourselves to buy a paper ourselves. We asked for a 4-page college level paper with a 5-day deadline. The topic was “RMS Titanic: How Could the Disaster Have Been Prevented.” We also asked for 4 reputable sources, and we wanted it to be cited in APA style. We got the paper once the deadline expired. It contained no plagiarism and grammar mistakes were minimal. Technically all of our requirements were met, although we feel that if the writer had been more qualified, they would have put more depth into the content of the paper. In any event, it was a solid B paper.

Customer Support

High quality customer support is extremely important, especially if the student has a major issue that needs to be addressed. Based on our experiences with Order-Essays.com, we believe a customer would feel confident that the company is looking out for them. First, we wanted to confirm that they were indeed available 24/7 so we contacted them at various times of the day. They always responded promptly whether we reached them by phone, email or live chat. When we asked about the refund policy, they were quick to make sure everything had been okay with our order. We assured them that everything was fine, but just wanted to understand the details. They are knowledgeable and professional, which is exactly what you should expect.

Order-Essays.com Support


Based on our insights, we believe Order-Essays.com is reputable and worth the investment. While our paper was not mind-blowing, keep in mind that they have hundreds of writers and just like in any industry, some of them will perform better than others. We believe customers will be satisfied with the job that Order-Essays.com does.

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Researcher 30 Nov 2018 at 10:12

I had both positive and negative experiences with Order-Essays.com. I have ordered five papers and from them four were good, and for the fifth one that I refused to accept, I've claimed my amount and received a refund.

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Laila Ross 20 Dec 2018 at 12:28

The coursework was even better than I could imagine. The writer even suggested me a better formulation of the topic and developed a witty thesis statement. My experience with Order-Essays.com was 100% positive and I'll definitely request their help again.

  • Services: star star star star star
  • Pricing: star star star star star_border
  • Quality: star star star star star
  • Support: star star star star star
Carol P 20 Jan 2019 at 02:30

With the help of Order-Essays.com, I can always get a paper on time if I cannot cope with it on my own. I have been ordering from this service for two years now and I have always been content with the quality of orders I received. Thank you so much.

  • Services: star star star star star
  • Pricing: star star star star_border star_border
  • Quality: star star star star star_half
  • Support: star star star star star
Robert P 04 Feb 2019 at 09:26

Mostly I work on my writing assignments on my own. However, once I needed to improve my paper in terms of editing and proofreading. Order-Essays.com is the service that managed to adjust my paper to the professor’s requirements. Keep up doing great work.

  • Services: star star star star star
  • Pricing: star star star star star_border
  • Quality: star star star star star
  • Support: star star star star star_border