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When students feel overwhelmed with their assignments or needs to free up their schedule so that they can find a campus job, there is no shame in ordering custom writing services. However, when a customer chooses the wrong company, it can lead to a lot of embarrassment. We are dedicated to making sure you find a service that meets your needs and gets you good grades. For this review, we took a look at

Our first impression when we looked at the website is that it is a complete mess. Many of the pages are pointless because they look the same and do not contain any useful information. In addition, if you are not a UK customer, these services are not for you. Most other custom writing companies cater to students from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and everywhere else, but not

Services offers a wide variety of academic writing services, including standard essays, research papers, personal statements and the like. They also provide CV and resume help, editing/proofreading services, and the all-important thesis and dissertation writing services.

They can handle all academic levels from high school all the way through PhD programs. Their deadlines are not entire clear. For instance, the quickest deadline option is “8pm the same day,” but surely, there must be some conditions. For instance, if a customer orders a paper at 7pm, it seems unlikely that they would have this deadline option. In any event, the maximum deadline is 21 days.

They offer a helpful blog that contains tips for writing essays. This free feature is available to both paid customers and the public.

Pricing and Discounts does things a bit differently from others, but in this case, we mean it in the negative sense. For instance, if you want to order an essay, they will charge you for 1,000 words at the minimum, even if you only need a 300-word paper. They do not have a price table, so it is really difficult to figure out exactly how much a paper will cost, but we did find that their cheapest paper costs £115 ($150). This is simply unacceptable to most students. On average, when we have ordered a 4-page paper (1200 words) we have paid around $70 with other companies! In addition, £115 is the price when the urgency is 7 days. If you need a paper tomorrow, it is going to cost you around $300 for 1000 words. Prices

As for discounts, they are non-existent. Customers have come to expect at least a 15% discount for their first order along with a lifetime discount program, but offers neither. The order form contains box to plug in a discount code, but there is no explanation for how the customer can obtain the code. 

Additional Features

They offer several free features including a reference page, proofreading, quality report (although we are not sure what that means), and plagiarism report. If the customer orders a paper with 10,000 words or more, they receive a free writing sample from their assigned writer. We personally feel that the customer should be entitled to a free writing sample regardless of the length of their assignment. 

The standard revision period is 7 days, which is actually pretty reasonable. By comparison, a lot of other companies only provide a 48 hour window.


Beyond everything else, the quality of the paper is what really matters. In order to best gauge whether a company can guarantee on their promises, we ordered a paper ourselves. We went with a 1,000-word high school-level paper on the topic of the health care system in the UK with a 14-day deadline. We paid £115 and, as noted, were not given any discounts. We received the paper by the deadline and really did like what we saw. It did contain a few grammar mistakes. Considering they have proofreaders who look at the paper, we cannot quite understand how they overlooked such obvious issues. Had we been actual students we probably would have taken advantage of the free revisions. In any event, this was probably a C+ or B- type of the paper. Not great, but not an epic fail either.

Customer Support

We tested out their customer support team and our review is decidedly mixed. When we sent a message to their live chat, our queue position (1) was noted. But after about 5 minutes of silence, we received an automated message informing us that the operators are busy. They requested an email or telephone number to get back in contact with us, but in that case, what is the point of having a live chat feature in the first place? 

We contacted them by phone and found that the customer support team was friendly and helpful. We would like to note that they were definitely not British operators, but nonetheless we had no problem understanding them (and vice versa)

They have a presence on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and G+, which is an indication that they are a legitimate company.

Conclusion, is a decent company, but there are simply too many reasons why we would not give them our strongest recommendation. For one thing, there so many limitations. They do not work on papers that are less than 4 pages long, so short essays are out of the question. They also only work with UK-based clients, so students who study anywhere else in the world will need to go elsewhere. The prices are also way too high and the discounts are non-existent. You might get an okay grade, but once again, you will get the same quality of service from other custom writing companies while paying half as much.

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Offended Customer 02 Nov 2018 at 12:19

Provides unacceptable level of service. Provided the company with assignment instructions and even a few articles and none was reflected in my work. Assignment instruction was NOT followed. Asked for a refund and it took over three weeks to get it.

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Simona Black 14 Nov 2018 at 11:56

If only I knew there are so many bad feedbacks for this service! It appeared to be an expensive lesson for my further contacts with any companies providing online writing services, I don’t think I will ever try any of them again.

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John 02 Dec 2018 at 05:39

I had experience with a number of services. Ordering from you have to be very detailed in your comments for a paper. I only pointed out some general things mostly, that is why the content. But after all, it wasn’t so bad.

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Smartie 11 Dec 2018 at 12:46

It worked fine with me. You guys were just not lucky to get a good writer. I received my essay on time and the topic was fully highlighted. The only disadvantage is price a little higher than on other services.

  • Services: star star star star star_border
  • Pricing: star star star star_border star_border
  • Quality: star star star star_half star_border
  • Support: star star star star star_half