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When a student is struggling with their homework, seeking assistance from an academic writing professional makes a lot of sense. But how can you know if you’re choosing the right company? With all of the services out there, it can be next to impossible to know if you are going to get what you paid for. This is why we are here to help. We provide unbiased reviews of custom writing companies so that you can make informed choices. For this review, we are taking a look at

According to the information on their website, they have been around since 1997, but we know that is a total exaggeration. First, custom writing services were not even a thing back in the 90s. Secondly, Web Archive confirms that the website did not launch until 2009. But while they might be fiddling with the truth a bit, what matters most of all is the quality of their services, not whether they’ve actually been around for one or two decades.


The first thing that we noticed is that in spite of the name of the website, the services are not confined to the UK. In fact, the website even includes a US-based toll-free number. In any event, they offer pretty much every service imaginable including term papers, poems, lab reports, legal briefs, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, dissertations and even test-taking services. They also provide non-academic help such as business reports, resumes, cover letters and college admissions essays. Overall, it is an impressive array of services.

Pricing and Discounts

The price for their services start at a hefty $22.38 for standard service. Yikes! This is one of the most expensive services we have come across and they count 275 words as being a page, so if you have an essay with a 300-word minimum, be prepared to pay for a second page. If the prices do not deter you, note that they accept US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.

They offer several secure payment options including major credit cards and PayPal, which demonstrates that they are indeed a legitimate company. We strongly discourage anybody from paying for their orders via bank or wire transfer, so it is nice that provides the safest and most reliable methods. 

This company offers a 20% discount for all first-time orders. Generous indeed, but given how much the paper costs to begin with, it is the least they could do. They also have a discount loyalty program that works as follows:

  • Once the customer orders 15 pages, they are entitled to a 5% discount
  • Once the customer orders 51 pages, the discount grows to 10%
  • After 101 pages, the lifetime discount reaches 15%

While this is not the most generous discount program - we have seen other companies offer the 15% lifetime discount after 50 pages - it is still better than not having a discount program at all.

Additional Features offers several additional features including free revisions, the ability to contact the writer directly 24/7, and an urgent 3-hour deadline delivery option. 

For an additional charge, customers can order VIP services as well. This entitles them to additional proofreading and plagiarism checks, an extended free revision period, and a chance to choose a top 10-ranked writer.


The best way to find out if a company is really as good as they claim is to order a paper ourselves. In this case, we requested a 4-page high school-level paper on the topic of psychology. With the discount, we paid around $72. Not bad, but with other services we have been known to pay $40 for the exact same paper.

We got our paper by the deadline and found it to be perfectly fine! The writer clearly put a lot of thought into it. It was well structured, followed all of our instructions, and the sources were current and fully appropriate. As a high school-level paper, we could easily see a student getting an A if they submitted it.

Customer Support

According to the website, the customer support team is available 24/7. When we contacted them via Live Chat, they got back to us within 2 minutes. By comparison, when contacting other companies we often have to wait 15 minutes before getting a response. When we asked where the customer support team is our sourced, they said the Philippines. They also said their main offices are in Delaware, which is odd considering they claim to be a UK company. Regardless, they were polite and friendly whenever we contacted them. Given the high stakes of some of these papers (especially dissertations), it is very important that the agents be knowledgeable and professional. So we definitely give them kudos for their work. Support


If you need a high quality paper, seems to be a pretty good choice if our high school paper is any indication. We received it on time, it did not contain any plagiarism, and the writer was clearly talented. The paper was pricier than the industry average and we did not like the fact that they only count 275 words as a page. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a dependable company and can afford to pay a bit extra, we recommend this company.

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Angelina 27 Nov 2018 at 12:03

I admit that writers here are good, but they need to find and clearly define what you need. When I first ordered a work, I didn’t get the result I expected. Luckily I found a good performer and disagreements with my requirements are always minimal.

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X-man 06 Dec 2018 at 11:43

A few essays performed by this team and a few mistakes in the last one I ordered – it’s a pretty good result.

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  • Quality: star star star star star_border
  • Support: star star star star star
Scam Fighter 09 Dec 2018 at 02:59

Poor customer service and no refunds. If you don't like what they write for you there is no chance to take your money back! Beware!

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  • Support: star star star star_border star_border
Silver Shine 02 Jan 2019 at 05:17

I can't say that my work was that bad, but I don't feel like ordering at this site again. There were too many issues in my coursework, including grammar and vocabulary errors.

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  • Pricing: star star star star star_border
  • Quality: star star star_border star_border star_border
  • Support: star star star star star_border