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UKessays.com is an online service that performs written assignments for students. Based in UK, the company has been dealing with academic writings for more than 15 years. The website design is...


UKessays.com is an online service that performs written assignments for students. Based in UK, the company has been dealing with academic writings for more than 15 years. The website design is modern and well thought-through, the navigation is simple and the first impression is good.

We made a thorough analysis of the website and the offered features, in order to provide you with an objective and honest review of this company’s work.


UKessays.com claims to be expert in composing all kinds of essays. However, besides this type of assignment, dozens of others are offered at the website, including coursework, dissertation, proposal, literature review, proofreading, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Among the services listed, some caused much confusion for us, as they had weird titles, contained no explanation, and simply made no meaning. For instance, UKessays.com offers to do a “skeleton answer”. What could it mean? We have no idea, just like what “Topics with titles” means. Who might be interested in such writings and whom they are designed for remains a mystery to us. If you ever buy topics with titles from this website, let us know what you received!

As for the types of assignment that the website fails to address, those include editing, group assignments, thesis writing step by step, and others.

Pricing and Discounts

One of the most obvious drawbacks at UKessays.com is that it does not have a clear page with pricing policy and full list of prices for all their services. They do have a price calculator, but it is impossible to track what influences the price and how the parameters change. Having all the types of assignments, urgencies and levels in one table is always more convenient, and gives users a full understanding of what they can count on at the website. That is why, we think that this aspect needs improvement. The price calculator is rather messy too, and it takes time to find all the parameters and choose them manually. Once we did, we were surprised by the high price: a 750 words university paper with 1-week urgency costs $176! This is obviously too much for a work of less than 3 pages with such a long deadline. What impacts the price formation at UKessays.com remains unclear.

UKessays.com Prices

Regarding the discounts, one needs to search the site well to find them: they are listed in the “Offers” section. The company offers 10% off for such occasions as dissertation orders and bringing a friend to order from the website, and 50% cashback for buying a dissertation proposal. We find these offers rather inviting, although no lifetime discounts or lower prices for first orders are available.

Additional Features

The most noticeable feature at UKessays.com is that the students can download free essays on any topic. They cannot be used in class though; as such, papers will definitely be detected as plagiarized. Thus, such essays can only serve as inspiration and example works for you. In addition, the customers of the website are also provided with free lists of works cited for every paper. The dissertation titles are also produced free of charge.


As usual, to check how well the service functions, we became its users. We placed an order, specified our requirements, and waited for the delivery. While filling out the order form, we noticed that the website offers to choose a grade for the order, which is very unusual. First of all, who would pay for bad grades? And secondly, can a website really guarantee a certain amount of points, considering the different personalities of professors and other contributing factors? We think it is impossible, so this option is really doubtful. 

Once our paper was finished, we read it right away. The language was sophisticated enough, the structure of the paper was fine, but there was one major drawback: the paper has not been edited and formatted properly. Some punctuation errors, 1 minor typo, paragraphs with different placement and other nuances showed the sloppiness of the writer. We fixed it all on our own, which was not what we expected to do after receiving an expensive paper. The good point is that the paper was original and contained no plagiarism: we scanned it and found no copied text. Thus, the impression about the quality of writing is ambiguous, as the proofreading should never be overlooked.

Customer Support

We pay a special attention to customer support at any website, because we know how it impacts your experience of ordering. In case with UKessays.com, the customer support service is represented with chats and telephone numbers. The chats are active, but the responses take too much time, which is unacceptable when the deadlines are tight. As for the telephone, we were transferred to an answering machine once, and the second time we called, an agent took our call. However, the agent used canned responses and could not give us a brief reply regarding the prices. Thus, we would say that the customer support at the website is of medium quality, and there is definitely room for improvement.

UKessays.com Support


After a detailed analysis of the policies and offers at UKessays.com, we have concluded that this online writing service cannot be recommended to our readers. Despite the nice design of the website and the authenticity of the papers they provide, there are important aspects that just do not work properly. The services are too expensive, the discount system is rather limited, the paper quality is not as good as expected, and the customer support service needs to be more effective. Due to all these reasons, we regret to say that UKessays.com cannot be called a reliable website for buying written assignments.

We suggest you to stay away from UKessays.com and find a more professional company to assist you with your home tasks. The list of the best writing services at our website can help you to make a balanced decision.

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Nerdy 14 Dec 2018 at 11:14

I can't say that my essay was that bad, but it definitely didn't worth that money I spent on this site. Althoug, I ordered additional editing and proofreading, I found a few noticeable errors. However, everything was fixed after I sent it for revision.

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Ricky 06 Nov 2018 at 03:28

I was satisfied with my essay. I didn't need it to be perfectly written. My teacher would never believe I did it myself. This service was exactly what I needed.

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  • Pricing: star star star star star_border
  • Quality: star star star star star
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Ivone Rose 10 Jan 2019 at 11:25

I think the prices are a bit high for the service provided. However, customer support is very professional. The agents answered all the questions even those I could easily find on the site. They were patient and tolerate.

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